Aqualift movable floor swimming pool, make your dreams come true!

After discovering our achievements around the world, you will be tempted by the installation of an Aqualift movable floor.

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What is a movable-bottom pool?

A revolutionary system that allows you to transform your terrace into a swimming pool. Thanks to Aqualift, optimize the space of your house to the maximum.

A movable floor is a rigid platform that immerses itself in your pool. Adjustable, this 15 to 30 centimeters high structure is placed on the bottom of the pool. With the help of cables fixed under the curbstone and a hydraulic system, the bottom moves vertically in order to hide the entire pool.

The Aqualift technology offers you the possibility to recover the space occupied by the pool and transform it into a living space: terrace, play area, gym corner…

A unique industrial know-how

It is almost 25 years ago that the idea of the movable bottom for swimming pools was born in the mind of Aqualift’s founder, Jean-Noël MORAND.

Thanks to his expertise in the world of engineering, he founded Aqualift a few years later and became the world leader in the manufacture of movable pool floors.
All stages from design to manufacturing of the swimming pool movable floor take place in our ultra-modern 1500 square meter plant located in the Paris region. Our experts design the structure of your future movable floor with the collaboration of the latest generation of Solid Work software.
It is these same specialists who will install your movable floor at your home.

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