An exceptional pool in the heart of the Mont-Blanc massif

Located in the heart of the majestic Mont-Blanc massif, the 5* Hôtel Armancette now offers its guests an extraordinary aquatic experience, thanks to the installation of a custom-built Aqualift movable floor. Designed in our design office and assembled directly on site, this movable floor is a true masterpiece of precision and technology. This indoor/outdoor pool combines luxury, technology and state-of-the-art engineering.

Aqualift, as a leader in the creation of tailor-made movable floor pool solutions, continues to push the boundaries of engineering and design to transform every project into a functional work of art.

The ingenuity of the Liberty custom-built movable floor

The project for the Hôtel Armancette, a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, stands out for its complexity and level of finish. The custom-built Liberty movable floor covers an impressive 12 x 4.7 meters. The pool is cleverly divided into two sections: a 7 x 4.7-meter outdoor pool and a 5 x 4.7-meter indoor pool.

Equipped with two independent movable floors with a tiled covering, the pool can be adapted to the specific needs of users. This flexibility allows the depth and use of the pools to be modulated according to the seasons and events organized by the hotel. A safety net is also installed between the two movable floors to provide additional protection. What’s more, a movable wall allows the pool to be partitioned off in winter, transforming the outdoor area into a comfortable, safe indoor space.

Another technical feat, and not the least, is a rounded staircase, with 7 quarter-circle steps, integrated into a corner of the pool. A real technical challenge, this element perfectly illustrates Aqualift’s know-how and ingenuity. The staircase combines aesthetics and functionality, while guaranteeing optimum safety for users.

The movable floor features an elegant mineral finish that blends perfectly with the luxurious surroundings of this 5-star hotel. This choice of material ensures not only refined aesthetics but also exceptional durability. Designed to withstand several hundred kilograms per m2, the Liberty movable floor guarantees unfailing robustness and longevity. This is essential to maintain the high standards of safety and performance expected by hotel guests.

As a result, this remarkable project stands out for its complexity and level of finish, highlighting the expertise and innovation of Aqualift Industrie. The movable-bottom pool at the Hôtel Armancette is not only an aesthetic and functional asset, but also a testament to know-how. Combining advanced technology and elegant design, this achievement offers an unrivalled experience.