Small garden, great use of space thanks to a movable pool floor

This house, located right in the centre of Bandol, only has a small garden. To keep cool on those long, hot summer days in southern France, the owners really wanted a pool.
Size was a big problem. Building a pool in such a small space would mean losing a substantial area of the garden, which the whole family enjoys using. They just couldn’t make their minds up: a garden, or a pool?
Thanks to an Aqualift movable pool floor, the couple were finally able to decide to build a pool, much to their children’s delight. Based on our architects’ project design, the 6 x 2.5 metre pool was installed so that it is directly accessible from the living room picture windows. When the movable floor system is raised to the surface, the pool completely disappears, leaving them with garden decking in its place.
The IPE wood decking used blends perfectly with the landscaping design, and creates a terrace where they can sit out for a meal in the sun.
This was a tricky project, but the pool was completed on time for the summer. The children just love it.

With a Nidanox movable floor pool, you can keep your terrace AND enjoy a relaxing swim!

This 10 to 24 m2 pool range features ready-assembled pool shells with built-in movable floor. The pool shell is assembled at our factory, integrating its movable floor to form a single unit.

The main material used for the movable floor structure is Nidanox, a material recognised for its strength. This ensures that your movable floor pool complies with the pool safety standards in force (AFNOR NF P90-308).

A movable floor allows you to adjust the water level in your pool to the depth that suits you. You can create a shallow pool for the children to paddle in under your watchful eye. When the floor is completely raised, it is impossible to bathe in the pool. The movable floor is built to withstand a load of 150 kilos per square metre.