Aqualift optimises and makes full use of space, combining sheer pleasure and technology

Aqualift designs, manufactures and installs movable floors for swimming pools that will take your breath away. With an Aqualift movable floor, it takes just a few seconds to transform your terrace into a swimming pool whose depth you can adjust as desired. A hydraulic system that equals fun in the water, versatile use, safety and great design…

Movable floors

Transform your terrace into a swimming pool

Our range of movable floors for private customers can be adapted to suit any layout (geometric shape, complex shape, steps, etc.). There simply are no limits! Our movable pool floors are designed to support a load weighing 150 to 300 kg per square metre.



Specially designed for small pools and spas, the Minilift range can be adapted to pools of any shape. Available in a wide choice of facing materials for you to design a space to match your tastes.



The range that provides a wide choice of movable floors for geometrical-shaped pools. Designed for medium-sized pools, this is the range that enables you to take full advantage of your space, turning it into a pool or a terrace as you please.



Whatever the shape, whatever the size, the Liberty range has the movable floor to match your project requirements and make your space a true architectural feature.

Pro movable floors

Specially designed to meet the needs of professionals

Medical movable floors for rehabilitation centres, movable floors for hotel pools and public amenities, as well as movable floors for pools up to 20 m deep for people to learn how to dive (compliant with EC standard and able to support loads of 150 to 300 kg per square metre).



The range of movable pool floors designed for rehabilitation therapy at hospital centres. The Therapy floor includes a lift system, handrails and walking lanes for safe physiotherapy sessions.



When learning how to dive, learners swim at different depths depending on their proficiency level. The Scubalift range is designed to address this problem.

Pool with movable floors

The fully equipped Mini-Pool / Spa with movable floor

A shell pool with movable bottom of less than 10 square meters which can be transformed into a Spa thanks to its many options. Ideal for small areas, this pool is built and installed in 4 weeks maximum



The Nidanox range offers small shell pools from 6 to 22 square meters with integrated movable floor.



The Minipool allows you to transform your 10 m2 swimming pool into a Swimming Spa thanks to the options: counter-current swimming, balneotherapy, heating, etc.

Custom-tailored pool projects

Aqualift’s patented technology can be installed in pools of any size thanks to our different ranges: the Minilift for small pools (under 20 square metres), Serenity (20 to 50 square metres), and Liberty (no size limits).

t can be used and adapted for the most luxurious projects, rising to the most ambitious technical and aesthetic design challenges: you can build a pool of any geometric shape and size (rectangular, circular, kidney bean-shaped, etc.). This technology actually goes even further, and can be used for spas and therapy pools used for people with reduced mobility.

There are many options available for customising your pool. Choose from a wide range of facing materials and colours, disappearing steps, access ladders, LED projectors, a system that creates a current you can swim against, or even a musical massage.

Aqualift, tried and tested expertise

In little over 20 years, Aqualift has installed nearly 1,000 swimming pools with movable floors. We have gradually built up our position as a leader in the niche market for pools and luxury architectural design.

Aqualift works with private customers as well as architects, hotel complexes, spas and fitness centres, in France and worldwide.


The Aqualift team exhibited its ranges of movable pool floors at the "Piscine Global Europe" exhibition held from 13 to 16 November 2018 at Lyon-Eurex...

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