Elevation, an indoor pool project

Here you see our first indoor pool project combining Aqualift technology with stone flooring. This is pool that you can gaze at for hours, like a sculpture.
For this indoor pool, our teams wanted to keep this incredible staircase. To this end, the project took shape around this element in order to keep it as it was. When the movable floor is raised, it makes way for a large living room. The heavy stone floor forged our experience in constructing stainless steel structures for movable floors. The floor creates different atmospheres, different moods, depending on its position, an invitation to both meditation and exaltation.

Serenity ready-to-install movable floors

The range ready-to-install movable floors is specially designed to sublimate rectangular shaped pools of up to 75 square meters.
The Aqualift technology allows you to make your pool disappear in less than a few minutes by raising the bottom of the pool. It is the ideal solution that means that you don’t have to choose between having a pool or a garden.
The ready-to-install movable floors are studied to meet all needs: your project is entrusted to our team of engineers and architects in order to obtain a unique creation.