Specially designed to meet the needs of professionals

Whatever your project requirements, the ranges of movable floors for professional use are sure to have the solution: movable floors for rehabilitation centres, for hotels and public amenities, as well as for dive training pools up to 20 metres deep.

Our movable pool floors are designed to support a load of up to 150 kg per square metre and are CE-certified.

Our movable pool floors for professional customers

Movable floors for hotels

A pool with a movable floor can be a real asset, marking you out from the competition and attracting customers.

Aqualift movable floors comply with pool construction standards and tick all the boxes when it comes to design and practicality.

Aqualift fond mobile pro hôtellerie

Movable floors for the healthcare sector

The range of movable pool floors designed for rehabilitation therapy at hospital centres.

Specially designed for physical rehabilitation, the Therapy range of movable pool floors is aimed at healthcare professionals (hospitals, clinics, physiotherapists, etc.).

Movable floors for dive centres

When training people how to dive, learners need to swim at different depths depending on their proficiency level.

The Scubalift range is designed to address this problem: this movable pool floor is designed to be lowered to depths up to 20 m.

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