Discover the oval mobile floor swimming pool

Aqualift has created a highly original oval movable floor swimming pool. This ultra-modern design swimming pool with movable floor was built in an exceptional setting on the Island of Beauty.

This movable floor of the Liberty range was custom-made to meet the most exceptional requirements.

Conceived and designed by our engineers in our design office, the movable floor was manufactured in our ultra-modern factory in France.
It was first pre-assembled in the factory where it was validated, then transported to the site and assembled in a definitive way. This process guarantees perfect service and the highest quality of assembly.

Custom-designed movable floors from the Liberty range for upmarket architectural projects

This atypical oval pool fits perfectly into our client’s exterior. Its dimensions of 16 meters x 7 meters make it a truly exceptional architectural project.
The client opted for a multi-platform movable floor swimming pool to make its use more functional.
You can see in the pictures that we have also integrated a large staircase that appears and disappears at the same time as the moving floor. This technology guarantees aesthetics, ease of use and space saving.
We have applied the same opening system for the railing.
Indeed, the latter is fixed to the movable floor and disappears when the swimming pool is open.

The swimming pool was built in concrete with a 100% stainless steel structure for the movable floor. Then, it was floored with exotic wood.
A perfect exterior for hosting social events.

Imagine yourself with a glass of champagne, leaning against the railing, enjoying the Mediterranean vista. Are you there? This is Aqualift’s promise, to make you live unforgettable experiences!