An exceptional pool with a movable floor in Nouvelle Aquitaine

This elegant 14×3 metre pool is installed at a beachfront house on the Île de Ré (France). Integrating a long swim lane, it has been designed to blend perfectly with the luxurious style of the house.

Aqualift has been building out-of-this-world movable floor pools for 20 years. The teams at Aqualift have the know-how to make your wildest, most extravagant dreams come true.

Custom-designed movable floors from the Liberty range for upmarket architectural projects

Liberty’s custom made movable floors adapt to the constraints of your site and the result is up to your expectations! Wood, composite, tiles, stone… all the coverings that are proposed to you will allow you to compose a harmonious whole. Design and at the same time totally secure, the Aqualift movable floor is the solution to fully optimize the space.
The platform equipped with the Aqualift system is installed inside a pool. At the touch of a button, you will be able to raise or lower the bottom according to your desires. Small, medium, or very deep, it is you who selects the water level of your pool.