The experts in movable floor pool design

Drawing on his extensive expertise in pool design, Jean-Noël Morand, the founder of Aqualift, developed the idea for pools with movable floors in 1995. The original concept was then enhanced by the Aqualift team.

The technology, which has proven its reliability over the last 25 years, took its inspiration from the movable floor invented by engineer Gustave Eiffel in the 1920s. The challenge involved finding a way to transform a pool measuring up to 50 square metres or more into a totally flat space that merges with the floor surface.

Having grown into a full-scale industrial enterprise, Aqualift consistently improves the quality of its products and support services. We are the only company in the sector that manages everything from pool floor design to maintenance (After-sales services). From our base in France, we can install and maintain our pool systems anywhere in the world. Ready to take on even the most difficult of challenges, the Aqualift team tailors each project to what the customer wants.

To cater to all our customers’ requirements, Aqualift has developed a comprehensive range of products, from shell pools with integrated movable floors to movable floors.

The world's leading manufacturer of movable floor pools

The three pillars of Aqualift's success

With our patented technology used in nearly 1,000 pool designs, Aqualift has become the world leader in mobile floor pools.




What we do

Design, manufacture, install and maintain movable floors for swimming pools

Working for architects, decorators, private individuals, companies and local authorities, Aqualift designs, manufactures, installs and maintains movable pool floors to create both an interior or exterior space and a swimming pool.
The state-of-the-art technological system allows you not only to adjust the depth of the pool but also to transform it into a floor space.

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What is a movable floor?

A movable floor is a rigid, immersible platform (cover).

Controlled simply by pressing a button, it takes just a few seconds for the platform to be raised or lowered vertically. The movable floor can be positioned at different depths, revealing the pool or making it disappear below the floor surface.
Once completely raised and locked in place, it is not possible to use the swimming pool. There is an access hatch in the platform, enabling the cleaning robot or a maintenance technician to work beneath the floor structure if necessary.
When closed, the movable floor significantly reduces heat loss and evaporation from the pool, resulting in huge savings on water and heating.
A movable floor allows you to optimise the use of space, and to make the most of your pool as and when you want. With the pool fully covered, you regain the floor space, to enjoy a relaxing moment on a terrace instead.
With the platform semi-immersed, the pool is the ideal depth for children to swim and play in complete safety.

Fédération des professionnels de la piscine

Aqualift is a member of FPP, the Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine (the French swimming pool trade association).

Axa Assurance

All our products come under the ten-year professional warranty we have taken out with Axa Assurance.