Movable floor swimming pool in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

Here is a superb project of a movable floor swimming pool made in a boutique hotel hotel located in Isle sur la Sorgue. Aqualift has real know-how in the design and construction of movable floor swimming pools for hotels or public places.

A pool created in an outdoor setting with a very relaxing Japanese atmosphere. Bamboo, wood and decorative accessories transform this garden into a little paradise. Aqualift brought even more comfort and magnificence to this space.

Indeed, we integrated a 4 x 2 meters swimming pool with a 100% stainless steel movable floor structure and wooden coating. A real added value for the customers of this boutique hotel who now can take full advantage of the beautiful sunny days. The movable floor opens and closes adapting to the users’ needs. This allows the pool to blend harmoniously into the finesse of the exterior setting.

For ergonomics reasons, our customers wished to add a movable ladder which also disappears completely when the pool is closed.

Pool with a movable floor Minipool range

When you have only a small area where you wish to build a swimming pool, it is always difficult to choose between a terrace and a swimming pool, a spa or a basin.

The Minipool range is the solution to your problem. A 10m2 swimming pool which can be integrated into a small garden and perfectly disguised. Combining ergonomics and design, this technology is a revolution in the use of small outdoor spaces.

Aqualift offers you quality materials that guarantee real safety.

Our client located in l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue is delighted with the result and now offers relaxing swims to his customers.