Aqualift movable floor pools: where technology meets design

In the tourism, hotel and leisure sectors, competition is fierce, so it’s essential to come up with innovative ideas to attract new customers, who are increasingly demanding as regards their selection criteria.

In the family leisure sector, a holiday is simply not the same without a pool, it’s an integral part of getting away from it all and chilling out. If you want to stay at the top of the tourist accommodation market, installing a pool is indispensable.

Some hotels now offer spaces devoted to well-being and relaxation, as well as play areas for the children and sports facilities. Aqualift’s technology means that you can transform your pool and free up space for any of these facilities and services to meet your customers’ expectations!

Stand out from the competition!

Movable floors for hotels

Create a space that reflects your style, choosing from the whole range of facing materials and options available.


Aqualift movable floors can be adapted to the customer’s requirements


Shapes adapted to project specifications
situation interieur

Indoor pools

All options available
situation exterieur

Outdoor pools

All options available

Pool facing

Any facing material (wood, composite, tiles, PVC, stone, etc.)


All options available (in-pool ladders, steps in various shapes, seating, bar stools, underwater seats, etc.)

Need information or design study?

Our projects

No project is too bold, we can adapt to all your requirements

Backed by over 25 years’ experience, Aqualift specialises in tackling the most ambitious projects. Our team of experts is used to handling large-scale architectural design projects all over the world.

At our design office, our team of experts is on hand to discuss the design of your movable floor pool with you and find the perfect fit for your establishment. Together we will work on the specifications for your project, starting with the size and shape of the pool.
With the custom-tailored movable floors in the Liberty range, the sky’s the limit as far as size and shape are concerned, as demonstrated by the pool we built on the deck of a Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ship.
The ship, owned by the reputed American cruise company, has capacity for 4,200 passengers, in 2,109 cabins. Norwegian Cruise Line decided to install an Aqualift movable pool floor on the seven-deck ship so that it can put on really impressive shows.

With the limitless possibilities afforded by the Liberty range for designing and constructing a pool with a movable floor, even the very wildest feats of architectural design become possible.
Choose from an extensive range of custom options to equip your pool with the latest facilities.

What is a movable pool floor?

Aqualift’s unique concept is a platform that sits across the water surface, which can be lowered vertically just like a lift down to the bottom of the pool.

When the platform is raised in the closed position, it completely covers over the pool and prevents anyone from getting in it. It is possible to adjust the pool depth to suit the bathers. For example, in a matter of seconds, you can transform a 2-metre deep pool into a paddling pool for the little ones.

Raise the platform to the surface of the pool, and it disappears altogether. The Aqualift system thus allows you to regain the space taken up by the pool, transforming it into a living space (for example, a terrace, a play area for the kids, a reception hall, etc.), that can be used almost instantaneously, simply and safely.

High-level safety thanks to a movable floor

When you build a swimming pool, you must comply with certain safety standards. Our Aqualift systems are designed to comply with safety standards, just as pool barriers, shelters and alarms are.

The technology has been designed to ensure the highest levels of safety and meets strict pool safety regulations (AFNOR NF P90-308, section on covers).
The Aqualift movable floor designer played an active role in defining this standard, with the aim of ensuring the very highest levels of pool safety.

To ensure that our movable floors are properly installed to comply with these safety standards, no one but the Aqualift installation teams are authorised to install our systems. Detailed specifications are drawn up for every project, your guarantee of the quality of our products.
When the movable floor is raised to the top of the pool, the platform cannot be lowered accidentally. It is therefore impossible to get into the pool when it is completely closed.

Aqualift movable floors: High-level safety
norme AFNOR NF P90-308

Why choose a movable floor for your hotel?

Safety, first and foremost

A movable floor works in perfect harmony with existing safety systems available on the market.
If you have families and young children among your guests, you can easily close the pool completely just by pressing a button. It is then impossible to get in the pool, preventing anyone from accidentally falling in.
Thanks to this innovative technology, the level of the pool floor can be adjusted so that you can control the depth. When the floor is raised to the top, you can use the space for some other purpose.

Savings on all fronts

Thanks to your Aqualift movable floor pool, you’ll make savings on all fronts: it prevents dirt and leaves from entering the pool and keeps the water clean and clear throughout the high season, saving you hours of cleaning before you open the pool in the morning.
And when the holiday season is over, the movable floor protects the water in the pool throughout the winter, making it much easier to clean when you re-open it in the Spring.

Revolutionary technology

Is it really possible to make a swimming pool disappear in a few minutes?
Yes, it is! Thanks to your movable floor, you can surprise your guests by completely hiding the pool in your hotel. Then simply press a button to adjust the water level in your pool, so that children can play in it safely.

Optimising the use of space

The main advantage of a movable floor is that it enables you to transform your pool into a terrace.
Any time you want, you can simply close up your pool and make the most of the space created. The pool can then be transformed and used for entertaining, or a fitness class, or a relaxing break in the sunny lounge.
Ideal for smaller spaces, the movable pool floor can be adapted to suit your requirements throughout the year.