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Are you a pool company specialising in upmarket pool design, looking for innovative, stylish yet practical solutions in pool design? Find out all we can do together.

Why not become an approved dealer for Aqualift movable floor pools?

Aqualift designs and makes movable floors for concrete pools as well as ready-to-install movable floor shell pools. A movable floor is an ingenious invention that enables you to propose an innovative, stylish and totally safe pool to your customers.

Our movable floors can be adapted to fit any type of pool

A small pool, a swim lane, an indoor pool, a landscaped pool, a swim spa, an infinity pool, a mirror pool…

Our exclusive technology has been developed to enable our partners to safely install a movable floor within short turnaround times. We’re fast and we’re reliable.

Become a partner dealer for our technology, and learn more about our standard and custom-tailored ranges:

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The advantages of becoming a partner

Peace of mind

Your customers will always be your customers, so it’s you that manages that relationship


You will have access to the excellent technology packed into Aqualift’s movable floors, the only totally reliable technology on the market.


We transfer our expertise to you by means of continuous training and assistance during installation.

Added value

Stand out from your competitors thanks to a range of cutting-edge products with extremely high added value.


You retain a significant profit margin on every sale.


We have more than 20 years’ experience, meaning that your customers will have the benefit of the only reliable and long-lasting technology available on the market.

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