Swimming in the wild

This pool measures 15 x 2.8 metres and is fitted with a custom-designed movable floor from the Liberty range. It has been designed to blend seamlessly into its surroundings. In the closed position, the pool becomes almost invisible, blending into its natural surroundings.
Great design, stylish and sporty, with its swim lane, the L-shaped pool wraps around the house on two sides. Steps lead straight down into the pool making it easy to get into the water.
The luxurious IPE wood used for the terrace blends perfectly into its blissfully calm, sun-drenched and luxuriant forest surroundings.

Custom-designed movable floors from the Liberty range for upmarket architectural projects

The Liberty range is specially designed for the installation of bespoke movable floors in pools larger than 60 m². In the case of a pool in an original and custom-designed geometric shape, Aqualift calls on our top experts for the design through to the installation of your movable pool floor, to give you an exceptional pool.

As Summer draws to a close, and the sun hides behind the clouds, having a movable floor means that you can turn the space back into a terrace so you can enjoy lunch with the family. When the floor is raised to the closed position, it is completely impossible to enter the pool. The movable floor also protects the water and the pool from bad weather through the winter months.

Whatever your project requirements, we can adapt to any situation so that you can have the pool of your dreams thanks to the Liberty movable floor range.