Aqualift pool in traditional brickwork

We present to you a superb project for a client of ours who resides in Gassin in Provence. A designer result that adds considerable value to his garden. This movable floor swimming pool was made with a reinforced PVC coating in the 10 x 4 meter format.
The white color of the PVC blends in perfectly with the façade of the villa, which is located in the Provençal countryside.
In addition, the lavender, the olive trees, the wooden terrace and the stone wall all highlight the architecture of the house and the swimming pool. A harmonious, contemporary exterior zone that is most enjoyable for our client.

Liberty Movable floor swimming pool in Gassin

The movable floor swimming pool has a staircase with 3 steps that appear and disappear with the movable floor.
The movable floor is made of stainless steel and is pre-assembled at the factory before its installation on site. This high-performance, durable structure is also guaranteed for life*.
The integrated global pool concept system for this swimming pool provides safety and ergonomics in its use.
The photo report shows that that the floor goes up and down according to the owner’s needs.
The filtration system works with a speed-variable pump. The pool also has a double cartridge filter, and the water is treated with chlorine.

Our patented Aqualift system allows us to carry out all your projects without limit. Our team of engineers and architects is at your disposal to design a swimming pool with a movable floor that reflects who you are.

*lifetime warranty: our movable floors are guaranteed for life with an annual maintenance contract.