A movable floor pool in Paris

Recently, our team went to our capital to install a movable floor pool. Whether for individuals or professionals, Aqualift has all the skills and know-how to satisfy its customers and offer them a turnkey project.

This little haven of peace, in the heart of the city, welcomed our Minipool pool in the best way possible. Its Provençal atmosphere transports us, the wood cladding associated with the majestic fig tree, the olive tree and the other plants of the garden brings a lot of serenity and authenticity. This achievement blends perfectly with the style of the house.

Movable floor pool from the Minipool range

You may think that it is impossible to install a pool on a small area and still enjoy it. You’re wrong! The Minipool range is the solution to adopt.

It is a 10m2 pool that can perfectly fit into your exterior and be fully concealed. Design and functional, this technology is revolutionizing even small exteriors!

We integrated a 4 x 2.5 meter pool with a 100% stainless steel mobile bottom structure made in France. The wood lining finalizes the whole for a rendering in agreement with this atmosphere filled with serenity.
The owners of this sublime place can now enjoy the beautiful days.
This movable floor pool is simple to operate, just push a button to open and close it. This technology allows the user to meet all types of needs, the movable floor can be adjusted to the desired height. Let your children enjoy a swim in a wading pool for example!
It is an ultra secure system, comfortable and with many practicalities. The pool is equipped with a design ladder with a removable upright that makes it completely invisible once the pool is closed.