Pool with Mediterranean view : the added value of this incredible exterior

Thanks to the Aqualift concept, our clients were able to add a touch of luxury to their property in the middle of St. Tropez, without having to sacrifice any part of this beautiful living space.

In order to bring a high-end touch to this space, the pool floor is covered with lp wood, as is the entire terrace. Our clients also paid attention to detail by choosing LED lighting with spotlights and color variation to add a touch of sophistication to the pool and create different moods according to their desires.

Nidanox movable floor pools, a shell pool with integrated movable floor.

This is the latest concept from Aqualift Industrie: a shell pool assembled with a movable floor all in one, up to 24m2 !

Our team installed this 10m2 pool with a movable floor from the Nidanox range. Its 5m x 2m size and its 1m50 depth allow its users to enjoy a relaxing swim. The access is done by three steps on the width of the movable floor, these are totally invisible when the pool is completely closed.
Its reinforced PVC coating offers excellent resistance to water and wear, and will remain intact for many years.

The shell pool is assembled in the factory directly with its movable floor to form a single block. The structure is made of the same materials as the other Aqualift movable floors. Known for its resistance, Nidanox guarantees your movable floor pool a long lasting quality.

The installation of the pool is very fast, because it arrives already pre-assembled. This is also the case for the remote technical room. This is composed of a cartridge filtration and a variable speed circulation pump, guaranteeing clean and clear water. In addition, the automatic chlorine treatment ensures excellent water quality !

Our customer has found the ideal solution to avoid having to choose between a terrace and a pool.