Pleasure in the Shade, a small pool with a movable floor

Find out more about this superb pool: “Sous les pavés de la plage”, a 6 x 5 metre pool.
Installing a movable floor is a way to create extra room in a limited space, so that you don’t have to choose between having a pool or having a terrace. Bathe in peace in the privacy of your own little garden of paradise.

Aqualift’s cutting-edge technology affords innumerable advantages when you install a movable floor: they are very safe, easy to keep clean and save money too.
There are many options available for customising your pool, including a wide range of facing materials and colours, disappearing steps, access ladders, LED lighting projectors, a system that creates a current you can swim against, and even a musical massage system!

Serenity ready-to-install movable floors

The range ready-to-install movable floors is specially designed to sublimate rectangular shaped pools of up to 75 square meters.
The Aqualift technology allows you to make your pool disappear in less than a few minutes by raising the bottom of the pool. It is the ideal solution that means that you don’t have to choose between having a pool or a garden.
The ready-to-install movable floors are studied to meet all needs: your project is entrusted to our team of engineers and architects in order to obtain a unique creation.

Photo credit: l’Esprit piscine