A pool with a movable floor: a great rehabilitation aid

Specially designed for physical rehabilitation, the Therapy range of movable pool floors is aimed at healthcare professionals (hospitals, clinics, physiotherapists, etc.).

These movable floor pools are CE-certified and comply with the installation standards required in the public sector.

Geared to the needs of healthcare professionals, this movable floor works like a lift and is used to lower the patient into the pool gently and without jolting. Equipped with optional handrails and safety rails, the patient can safely move about in the water, which is especially useful for rehab to get patients walking again.

Technology for healthcare professionals

Therapy, movable floors for therapy pools

A precious tool in rehabilitation, allowing patients to move about safely in the water.


Aqualift movable floors can be adapted to the customer’s requirements


Shapes adapted to project specifications
situation interieur

Indoor pools

All options available
situation exterieur

Outdoor pools

All options available

Pool facing

Facing materials compliant with use in public health sector (PVC)


Lift system, handrails, walking lanes, etc.

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Our Therapy pool projects

Many rehab clinics have installed a pool with a movable floor from our Therapy range. The ADAPEI Centre in Parthenay, Clinique du Bourget, Clinique de Champigny, Centre Romans Ferrari, the Stade Rennais FC training centre in Rennes, Hauteville Hospital, Evry Hospital, UGECAM Centres, etc.

How does a medical movable floor work?

Like the movable floors in our other ranges, the Therapy system is a platform that can be raised and lowered in the pool at the push of button.

In the case of pool therapy for patients in rehab, the floors in the Therapy range are designed to lower patients gently into the water. Using the safety rails, the patient can enter the water without any effort.

Thanks to CE certification, the Therapy movable floor has become an invaluable system used to safely assist patients going through rehabilitation.