Pan Deï Palais, a pool with a movable floor

Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of the Punjab, a French General fell madly in love with the beautiful Princess Bannu Pan Deï.
General Allard had this princely villa built in 1835 in the heart of Saint Tropez as a home for his exotic love and their five children. The heady perfumes of romance still float in the air at this magical hotel. To optimise the use of space (very costly in Saint Tropez), the large existing swimming pool was fitted with a movable floor equipped with heavy tiled slabs that hug the gentle slope of the land: exactly the kind of challenge we love.

Custom-designed movable floors from the Liberty range for upmarket architectural projects

During the day, guests can relax around the pool, enjoying the peace and quiet quite unexpected in the heart of the liveliest town on the French Riviera. At night, the bar opens onto the terrace, the perfect place to meet for drinks and get you in the mood for the evening ahead, whatever your plans!
As well as the superb craftsmanship that has gone into its construction, the pool with a movable floor affords many advantages and savings: no need for intensive pool water treatment since the water is covered and protected over winter.

And all the worry of letting the little ones play by the pool becomes a thing of the past, as you can adjust the depth to make it safe for the children.
The choice is yours, thanks to this ground-breaking technology you can have a pool that reflects your style.

The Liberty range is specially designed for the installation of bespoke movable floors in pools larger than 60 m². In the case of a pool in an original and designer geometric shape, Aqualift calls on our top experts for the design through to the installation of your movable pool floor, to give you an exceptional pool.

As Summer draws to a close, and the sun hides behind the clouds, having a movable floor means that you can turn the space back into a terrace so you can enjoy lunch with the family. When the floor is raised to the closed position, it is completely impossible to enter the pool. The movable floor also protects the water and the pool from bad weather through the winter months.

Whatever your project requirements, we can adapt to any situation so that you can have the pool of your dreams thanks to the Liberty movable floor range.