Clinique du Bourget: a movable floor in a therapy pool

Not far from Paris, in Le Bourget, in Seine-Saint-Denis, the Clinique du Bourget is a medical and rehabilitation centre belonging to Groupe Ramsay Générale de Santé. Responding to their desire to use the best technology for treating their patients, we designed a therapy pool for the clinic.

Thanks to the ability to adjust the depth of the pool, the movable floor helps patients recover more quickly. They can steadily become more mobile thanks to this revolutionary technology.

The movable floors in the Therapy Pro range: technology for better healthcare

Specially designed for physical rehabilitation, the Therapy range of movable pool floors is aimed at healthcare professionals (hospitals, clinics, physiotherapists, etc.).
The walking lane integrated in the pool is used by the medical teams to support the patient through the convalescence period. The patient uses the rails to keep stable, allowing them to focus on their exercises. The team can adjust the movable floor as the patient walks around the pool, helping them move around with increasing strength and confidence out of the water.
If a patient is suffering from a loss of muscle mass, an Aqualift movable floor can be used to help them perform muscle-strengthening exercises in the water without putting so much strain on the muscle. The patients can thus build muscle strength without feeling the strain.

To install a pool with a movable floor at a hospital centre, the law requires CE certification, to ensure compliance with health & safety regulations in the healthcare sector. Thanks to the high quality of our Therapy pools, we obtained CE certification without any problems, and indeed, all our designs now meet this standard.