A pool with a movable floor in Cap Ferret

Our big-hearted customer loves nothing more than to have his friends and family to stay, along with all their children. To make sure they will enjoy themselves, he wanted a pool in his garden, but was looking for a safety system that would keep the little ones as safe as houses.
We advised the family to look at the Nidanox range and its MiniPool option. Given the size of the terrace, we thought it would be better to install a small pool so that they could continue to enjoy the luscious greenery in the garden even when the pool is open.

Pool with a MiniPool movable floor, the fully-fitted mini-pool-come-spa

Thanks to Aqualift and our movable floor system, the water level in the pool can be adjusted!
That means there’s nothing to worry about when their friends and their kids come over, since they can create a paddling pool for the little ones to play in safely.

And as the days get shorter, it is time to raise the platform to the surface and make the most of the lovely wood-decked terrace: using the same materials for the pool as the existing terrace has created visual continuity between the garden and the pool.
This MiniPool can also be turned into a swim spa: with all its options, the pool fits perfectly into all the owner’s plans for the weekend: entertaining, safety and peace of mind, well-being, relaxing and sport!

A shell pool with a movable floor measuring less than 10 m² that can be transformed into a spa pool thanks to a wide choice of options. Ideal for small gardens.