No challenge is too great thanks to the tailored design of your movable floor pool

Of all our movable floor pool ranges, the Liberty custom-tailored range is the one that allows you to let your imagination run wild.

Backed by over 25 years’ experience, the Aqualift system has proven its worth through some of the most awe-inspiring projects in the world. With a custom-tailored movable floor, create the pool of your dreams and make your architectural design project a success. The Liberty range rises to the most complex of challenges, as you can see here, with some of the most breathtakingly beautiful movable floor pools we have constructed: on cruise liners, in luxury villas, and exclusive spas…

With the patented Aqualift system, there are no limits to your plans. Our team of engineers and architects will discuss the design with you to define the pool of your dreams.

There are no limits to what is possible

Are you dreaming of a beautifully-designed pool featuring state-of-the-art technology? Then give in to temptation and opt for a custom-tailored Liberty movable floor!

Built by our design office in liaison with your architect, if that is what you decide, a Liberty movable floor will be tailored to the site requirements to create the pool you want. Wood, composite, tiles or stone… the choice of facing materials available allows you to create a harmonious space that can be enjoyed at all times.


Any size you like


Any shape you like
situation interieur

Indoor pools

All options available
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Outdoor polls

All options available

Pool facing

Any facing material (wood, composite, tiles, PVC, stone, etc.)


All options available (in-pool bathing ladders, steps in various shapes, seating, bar stools, underwater seat, etc.)

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How does a custom-tailored movable floor work?

Great design and incredibly safe, an Aqualift movable floor is the ideal solution to make full use of the space you have.

A platform equipped with the Aqualift system is installed inside the pool. Simply press a button to raise or lower the floor and adjust it to the depth you desire. Shallow, not too deep or really deep, the choice is yours.

Once the floor is raised, the pool with movable floor completely disappears from sight and it is impossible to swim in it. This enables you to regain the floor space, creating a terrace, perfect for a relaxing evening.

High-level safety

Our Aqualift systems are designed to comply with safety standards, just as pool barriers, shelters and alarms are.

Our technology ensures the highest levels of safety and meets strict pool safety regulations (AFNOR NF P90-308, section on covers).
The Aqualift movable floor designer played an active role in defining this standard, with the aim of ensuring the very highest levels of pool safety.

No one but the Aqualift installation teams are authorised to install our systems. The quality of our products is underpinned by extremely detailed specifications. Our teams’ experience and the rigorous selection of materials used to make an Aqualift movable floor system are your guarantee of the mechanism’s reliability.
The manual locking system prevents any risk of the platform lowering accidentally. Access is secured by key. It is therefore impossible to get into the pool when it is completely closed.

Last, the platform is designed to support a load of 150kg per square metre: if your pool measures 8 x 4 metres, the movable floor can easily support a load of 1.6 metric tons.

Aqualift movable floors: High-level safety
norme AFNOR NF P90-308

Why choose a movable floor for your pool?

A pool with a movable floor has many advantages for its users:

Safety, first and foremost

A movable floor works in perfect harmony with existing safety systems available on the market.

If you have young children, you can easily close the pool by pressing a button. The swimming pool then cannot be accessed, making it completely secure.
Thanks to its innovative technology, the level of the pool floor can be adjusted, allowing you to control the depth. When the floor is raised up to the surface, it can support a load of over 150 kg without risk. You can therefore enjoy a family meal on the exact same spot where you’ll take a swim later in the afternoon.

Savings on all fronts

With an Aqualift movable floor pool, you’ll make savings on all fronts!

The movable ‘cover’ prevents dirt and leaves from entering the pool and keeps the water clean and clear. That means that pool cleaning is no longer a chore! The movable floor protects your pool during the Winter, minimising the amount of maintenance required when you open it up again. And in Summer, you can also prevent water evaporation by closing your pool when you aren’t using it.

Revolutionary technology

Is it really possible to make a swimming pool disappear in a few minutes?

Yes, it is! Thanks to your movable floor, you can surprise your guests by completely hiding the pool in your garden. Simply press a button to adjust the water level in your pool, so that children can play in it safely.

Optimising the use of space

The main advantage of a movable floor is that it enables you to transform your pool into a terrace.

Enjoy your garden as and when you want – have lunch in the sunshine and later take a refreshing evening swim.
Ideal for smaller spaces, the movable pool floor can be adapted to suit the requirements and limitations of your project.