MiniPool for a house overlooking the sea

This family left the hustle of life in Paris behind them and moved to this charming house, typical of this part of Southwest France. The garden is relatively small, so they hesitated between keeping the terrace as it was or building a swimming pool.

As they were looking around, Nidanox and its MiniPool range caught the couple’s eye! A pool that can be transformed into a swim spa, and that you can make disappear in a flash, it was a dream come true.

Pool with a MiniPool movable floor, the fully-fitted mini-pool-come-spa

With a 4m x 2.50m pool, the Aqualift movable floor enables them to make full use of their small terrace when the pool is closed over.
With the arrival of Summer, they can turn the terrace into a swim spa thanks to the choice of integrated options, including hydrotherapy and resistance swimming, etc.

And there’s nothing to worry about if the family invites the kids’ friends over for a day in the pool! The depth of the water in the pool can be adjusted, giving your peace of mind as you watch over the little ones playing together.
A shell pool with a movable floor measuring less than 10 m² that can be transformed into a spa pool thanks to a wide choice of options. Ideal for small gardens.