Construction of a movable floor swimming pool in La Croix Valmer

Aqualift built a Liberty movable floor swimming pool in La Croix Valmer. Its design fits perfectly into our client’s contemporary, minimalist outdoor space. The pool is 10m long and 4m wide, an ideal size to get maximum enjoyment from swimming in summer.

We integrated a staircase into this specific project, which appears and disappears at the same time as the movable floor. A very valuable piece of technology for our client. It allows you to retain all the aesthetic features of your terrace when the pool is closed. It also gives you the opportunity to enter the water gradually.

The structure of the swimming pool is made of concrete and the chosen coating is mineral stone tiling. This material creates a beautiful sense of harmony with the outside of the house and allows the pool to be delicately hidden.

The movable floor of the Liberty range is composed of a 100% stainless steel structure and was fully customized.

The Liberty range of custom-designed movable floors for architectural projects

The rectangular swimming pool is a more classic shape that fits into many spaces.
This shape is modular, ergonomic and fits perfectly into the contemporary architecture of the terrace.
Aqualift takes care of the smallest details, whether technical or aesthetic, our swimming pools are unique, just like you!

You can appreciate the quality and beauty of this design in the photos and video shown above. You can now see a contemporary terrace with real added value, thanks to our movable floor swimming pool.

Located in the gulf of Saint Tropez, our customers are lucky enough to have a garden that offers a view of one of the most beautiful beaches in the Var department and benefits from privileged access to the sea. Therefore they can enjoy their sunbathing in an idyllic setting.