A 10 m2 pool that can be transformed into a swim spa!

If you don’t have that much space for a swimming pool, it is never easy to decide between having a terrace or a pool, or between a spa or a pool?

Based on the technology developed for the Nidanox range, this movable floor pool is pre-equipped so that it can be transformed into a spa pool. The pool is made in the factory just like the other pools, and then it is pre-equipped for its movable floor and the various options chosen: resistance swimming, hydrotherapy, heating, etc.

Ultra-strong foundations for faultless safety

Aqualift designs and manufactures the entire structure for the pool and movable floor in France, at our factory in the Paris Region. Using the factory’s state-of-the-art facilities, which include a water-jet cutting unit and machinery equipped with latest-generation digital control systems, the pool structure is pre-assembled to check that everything works perfectly.

Aqualift uses highly resistant materials to ensure that your Nidanox pool with a movable floor complies with the pool safety standards in force (AFNOR NF P90-308).
With a movable floor, you can be sure that the whole family can bathe in safety. You can adjust the water level to the depth that suits you. You can create a shallow pool so that the children can paddle about to their hearts’ delight under your watchful eye. When the floor is completely raised, it is impossible to bathe in the pool.
And in case you still have any doubts, the movable floor is built to withstand a load of 150 kilos per square metre.

Thanks to Aqualift, you can have a 3-in-1 pool!

Have you been dreaming of a 3-in-1 pool? Now you can give in to temptation with a movable floor pool measuring from 6 to 10m².

With a MiniPool, you can keep your terrace AND enjoy a relaxing swim!


Swimming pools and spas
6 to 10 m2
Depth: 1,3 m


Size: 3 x 2 m, 4 x 2,5 m and 5 x 2 m
situation interieur

Indoor pools

All options available
situation exterieur

Outdoor pools

All options available

Pool facing

Reinforced membrane supplied as standard, tiling optional


Ladder integrated in the movable floor, Pool lighting in 24 colours, Heat pump feeder, Resistance swimming, Hydrotherapy, Localised massage jets, Heating system, Depth up to 1.50 m

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Our MiniPool movable floor pool projects

Pre-equipped to be transformed into a Swim Spa

When you choose a pool with an integrated movable floor, you can keep your terrace AND enjoy a relaxing swim!

This is a 10 m2 movable floor pool pre-equipped so that it can be transformed into a spa pool. The pool is made in the factory just like our other Nidanox pools, and then it is pre-equipped for different options: resistance swimming, hydrotherapy, heating system, etc.

Minipool spa de nage

What is Nidanox?

Nidanox is the material used to make the movable floor structure. Based on a combination of NIDA and stainless steel, it is an ultra-light material with very high-performance mechanical properties for its weight.

It is this component of Nidanox that gives the movable pool floor such high resistance to corrosion, impact and stress from repeatedly opening and closing the pool.
The second component, stainless steel, is a type of steel that also affords very high resistance to corrosion, as it is water-, steam- and humidity-resistant, as well as being very low maintenance and very easy to clean.

Combining these two materials produces a material that is both very flexible and incredibly strong.
Nidanox is used in the movable floor structures in all the Aqualift ranges.

How does a movable floor work?

The movable floor is a platform installed in your pool which can be raised and lowered just like a lift.

At the press of a button and in a matter of seconds, the platform can be lowered to the bottom of the pool, or raised to the surface.
The proven and patented technology that forms the Aqualift system is a real innovation in the world of swimming pools. With a movable floor pool, you can make the most of your space and alternate between the pleasure of swimming and the pleasure of dining out on your terrace!

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