A pool-house designed for your 3-in-1 movable floor pool

A 2POOLSIN1 pool lets you make the most of your pool whatever the weather: when the pool-house over the pool is locked in position, you have an indoor heated swimming pool.
Thanks to the movable floor integrated in the pool, it can also be transformed into an extra room in your home. The movable platform can be raised to the surface of the pool, preventing access to it.

The luxurious pool-house is then like an extension to your house, somewhere for the children to play or for entertaining friends. Whatever the weather, kids and grown-ups alike can enjoy the pool and the pool-house to the max.
The technical brilliance of the 2POOLSIN1 concept, and the control it provides to move the pool-house, means that you can make the most of your pool all year round.

Your indoor / outdoor pool with its luxury pool-house

2POOLSIN1 turnkey solutions to make your dreams come true

The 2POOLSIN1 concept for a project that integrates:

A pool

indoor / outdoor with an Aqualift movable floor

A luxurious pool-house

that forms an extension to your main residence

A mobile system

designed to move the pool-house.

Optional facilities

Toilet, shower, changing rooms, sauna, etc.

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An example of the 2POOLSIN1 concept

  • Location: Drôme (Provence) in France, near Buis-les-Baronnies
  • Pool dimensions: 2.8 x 5 m
  • Pool facing materials: Tiling
  • Full filtration kit
  • Resistance swimming
  • Pool Alarm compliant with NF P90-307
  • Dehumidifier with extractor vents and ducting in front of the bay windows.

A 2POOLSIN1 pool for all seasons

This concept can be adapted for many existing in-ground pools. Its sleek exterior design means it will blend in whatever the architectural style of your home, be it typical of your region, contemporary, or designer.

The concept can also be integrated in a new build home. The pool-house can be moved lengthways or sideways.
With an AQUALIFT movable floor installed in the pool, you can enjoy all the advantages afforded by a movable floor. Include the option of a resistance swimming system, and you can reap all the benefits of swimming as a sport or to keep fit.

In Summer...

As the days get warmer, lie back and bask beneath the sun’s rays or take a refreshing dip in your pool thanks to the 2POOLSIN1 concept.
  • It takes just a few minutes to move the mobile pool-house and make way for your outdoor pool.
  • Equipped with the Aqualift movable floor system, you can adjust the depth of the water to make it suitable for young children.
  • As evening draws in, raise the movable floor and move the pool-house to cover the pool in order to keep the right temperature for a swim the next day.
  • Fancy a midnight swim? With a mobile pool-house protecting the pool, you can swim in a lovely warm pool, even when the temperature drops at night.

In Winter...

It’s getting cold outside and the pool is not where you want to spend your afternoons!
Thanks to the 2POOLSIN1 concept, you’ve got a whole new room in your house!
  • The movable pool-house can be moved to cover the pool, adding an extra room to your residence. With the movable pool floor system, close up the pool and you get a flat surface, that can be used as a reception room.
  • Invite the family over for a feast: the movable floor can support a load up to 150kg per square metre, so there’s nothing to worry about.
  • This room can also be used as a play den for the kids, or a gym or a second living room.
  • Or perhaps you really want an indoor pool? Lower the movable floor in the pool to reveal your pool in the middle of winter.
  • With all the options available, the pool can heated to the perfect temperature for a swim even in the chill of December.

How does it work?

The system developed for moving the house gives you a fully-functional pool-house. It takes just a few minutes to cover or uncover your pool!

Make the most of the sunshine and enjoy a swim in the open air. This system is made up of tracks, a motor unit and metal structures. In all the project designs, the system integrates a full array of safety features, including reversing camera, circuit breakers, sensors and rail lift prevention systems to ensure complete safety for the pool and pool access.

Reinforced concrete is used for the foundations of the pool and the pool-house. The support beams for the tracks are also made using reinforced concrete.

All the advantages of the 2POOLSIN1 concept

A 2POOLSIN1 pool has many advantages for its users:

Controlled mobility

It takes less than 2 minutes to move the pool-house and either uncover or cover your pool.
It comes with a dehumidifier to prevent condensation inside the pool-house.

Optimising the use of space

The major selling point of the 2POOLSIN1 concept is that it gives you 3 pools in 1, and costs only a little extra compared to building an indoor pool, while providing all the advantages of an open air pool as well!

High-level safety

When the movable floor is completely raised, closing the pool up, it is impossible for children to get in the pool – it couldn’t be safer.

Reducing costs

Since the wooden house is well insulated, heating costs are kept down to a minimum.

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