A pool shell with an integrated movable floor measuring up to 24 m²

In 2019, after many years of research, development and testing, Aqualift launched a whole new concept with the Nidanox® range, an all-in-one pool shell with a movable floor.

The pool shell is assembled in the factory, integrating a movable floor so that it forms a single unit.
The pool structure is made using the same materials as for the other movable pool floors in the Aqualift ranges. Recognised for its strength, Nidanox guarantees lasting quality for your movable floor pool.

Safety first and foremost: ultra-strong materials

The structures for Nidanox® movable floors and pools are made and assembled in France, at the Aqualift Industrie plant in the Paris region.
Using the factory’s state-of-the-art facilities, which include a water-jet cutting unit and machinery equipped with latest-generation digital control systems, the pool structure is pre-assembled to check that everything works perfectly.
Your pool project will be managed by the team of experts at our design office.

The materials used ensure that your Nidanox pool with a movable floor complies with the pool safety standards in force (AFNOR NF P90-308).

You can adjust the water level in your pool to the depth that suits you thanks to a movable floor. You can create a shallow pool so that the children can paddle about to their hearts’ delight under your watchful eye. When the floor is completely raised, it is impossible to bathe in the pool. The movable floor is built to withstand a load of 150 kilos per square metre.

Keep your terrace AND enjoy a relaxing swim!

Specifications and options for Nidanox movable floor pools!

With Nidanox, you can keep your terrace AND enjoy a relaxing swim.


Pools and spa pools
measuring 10 to 24 m2
Depth: 1,30 m


Length: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 and 8 m
Width: 2 / 2,5 and 2,75 m
situation interieur

Indoor pools

All options available
situation exterieur

Outdoor pools

All options available

Pool facing

Reinforced membrane supplied as standard, tiling optional


Folding steps, Ladder integrated in the movable floor, Pool lighting in 24 colours, Heat pump feeder, Resistance swimming, Hydrotherapy, Heating system, Depth up to 1.50 m

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What is Nidanox?

Nidanox is the material used to make the movable floor structure. It is a combination of NIDA and Stainless Steel (called inox in French). NIDA is a non-metallic material. It is ultra light and has very high-performance mechanical properties for its weight.

It is this component of Nidanox that gives the movable pool floor such high resistance to corrosion, impact and load repetition.
The other ingredient in Nidanox is stainless steel, which is also very resistant to corrosion. It is water, steam and humidity resistant, and is also very low maintenance and easy to clean.

Combining these two materials produces a material that is both very flexible and incredibly strong. Aqualift uses Nidanox in the movable pool floor structure for all these ranges to give every future owner a very high quality movable floor pool.

How does a movable floor work?

The movable floor is a platform installed in your pool which can be raised and lowered just like a lift.

At the press of a button and in a matter of seconds, you can lower the platform to the bottom of the pool, or raise it to the surface.
The Aqualift system is a real innovation in the world of swimming pools, enabling you to make the most of the space you have.

Based on state-of-the-art technology, a Nidanox pool with a movable floor means that you can alternate between the pleasure of swimming and the pleasure of dining outside on your terrace.

Why opt for a movable floor?

A pool with a movable floor has many advantages for its users:

Safety, first and foremost

A movable floor works in perfect harmony with existing safety systems available on the market.

If you have young children, you can easily close the pool by pressing a button. The swimming pool then cannot be accessed, making it completely secure.
Thanks to its innovative technology, the level of the pool floor can be adjusted, allowing you to control the depth. When the floor is raised up to the surface, it can support a load of over 150 kg without risk. You can therefore enjoy a family meal on the exact same spot where you’ll take a swim later in the afternoon.

Savings on all fronts

With an Aqualift movable floor pool, you’ll make savings on all fronts!

The movable ‘cover’ prevents dirt and leaves from entering the pool and keeps the water clean and clear. That means that pool cleaning is no longer a chore! The movable floor protects your pool during the Winter, minimising the amount of maintenance required when you open it up again. And in Summer, you can also prevent water evaporation by closing your pool when you aren’t using it.

Revolutionary technology

Is it really possible to make a swimming pool disappear in a few minutes?

Yes, it is! Thanks to your movable floor, you can surprise your guests by completely hiding the pool in your garden. Simply press a button to adjust the water level in your pool, so that children can play in it safely.

Optimising the use of space

The main advantage of a movable floor is that it enables you to transform your pool into a terrace.

Enjoy your garden as and when you want – have lunch in the sunshine and later take a refreshing evening swim.
Ideal for smaller spaces, the movable pool floor can be adapted to suit the requirements and limitations of your project.