• Aqualift : Mineral

Mineral, the sound of silence

Movable pool floors in the Minilift range are specially designed for small pools and small spaces. To optimise the use of the space available, Aqualift can be tailored to any shape of pool. Outdoors or indoors, you can use any type of surface material for your pool – wood, stone, PVC, composite, etc.

This is a small swimming pool admirably integrated into the old stone setting of this house in a mediaeval Catalan village. The project posed two difficulties: first, the stone in this listed village could not be touched and, second, the floor was made of rock. We therefore raised the swimming pool, as the Aqualift floor requires neither drains nor exterior cables.

The space was thus optimised, while the reflections of the stone and the wood in the water combine with the silence of the place to create a unique, timeless atmosphere. This creation was also rather remarkable in that there was no access to install the system, which only goes to show that we can, indeed, create a swimming pool with a movable floor absolutely anywhere.