Les Bois Flottais, a secure swimming pool

  • Aqualift : Les bois flottais
  • Aqualift : Les bois flottais
  • Aqualift : Les bois flottais
  • Aqualift : Les bois flottais
  • Aqualift : Les bois flottais


The Serenity range is designed for medium-sized pools of between 20 to 60 square metres, enabling you to make the most of both your pool and your garden.

Thanks to Aqualift’s state-of-the-art technology, Serenity movable floors are ideal for pools of geometrical shapes (square y rectangular).

Aurélie and Yohann opted for a simple and safe pool. For parents, especially with young children, having a pool is a constant source of stress. The law requires pool owners to ensure safety: there are all sorts of alarms available, which work sporadically, going off for no reason, and a whole load of unattractive pool covers. A movable floor is now by far the best solution for ensuring that your pool is safe.



Thanks to the latest Aqualift technology, Serenity movable floors are adapted to square and rectangular geometric shapes. They allow total control of the water level in less than a minute! Perfect for enjoying a swim with young children, the movable floor can be transformed into a deeper pool for a refreshing bath.

Nestled between the beach and the village, the 3-star Hotel Les Bois Flottais on Ile de Ré is a true cocoon of softness with a touch of elegance. Aurélie and Yohanna, owner of the hotel, have chosen a secure swimming pool. Wishing to bring a touch of freshness to their hotel without losing a large surface area, they chose the movable floor. It is as soon as spring arrives that we can see the first reckless customers taking a bath.

After the fall, we observe the pool and in a few seconds, it gives way to a sophisticated wooden floor. The movable floor keeps the water as healthy as possible until good weather returns. Aurélie and Yohan can install customers on the terrace when the movable floor is enclosed in order to enjoy this cocoon of happiness.

For the parents who are guests of the Hotel, with young children, the swimming pool is a constant source of stress. Legislation now obliges every pool owner to guarantee the safety of people: alarms of all types that sometimes operate without being asked, unsightly roller shutters… the movable floor is nowadays by far the best solution for the safety of a pool. Guests feel more comfortable when they know that their children are playing in this safe pool with 30 centimetres of water.