Secure removable swimming pool

Secure removable swimming pool

Aurélie and Yohann Lagord, owners of Les Bois Flottais hotel on the Île de Ré, France, opt for a secure removable swimming pool

We were looking around for a swimming pool that would be original in some way, when we saw the Aqualift movable floor system in action, and our main reason for deciding to buy one was because our little girl didn’t know how to swim very well. What a relief when it came to watching over her: it cut out all the stress!

Being able to adjust the depth made learning to swim as easy as pie for her. The design was also a determining factor in our decision: having a movable floor pool means we can transform the pool into a terrace when it isn’t being used, and it makes an attractive feature in the gardens.

It isn’t cheap, but the originality and practicality of having a pool with a Serenity movable floor has probably added to the value of our property.

The system is second to none in terms of quality and reliability: from the day the work starts on it and for years of use thereafter, you not only have the benefit of the Aqualift lifetime warranty but also constant and surprisingly punctual follow-up.