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There’s an Aqualift movable floor that’s right for every pool

Our patented technology is suitable for different pool layouts.
Our movable pool floors will rise to any technical or aesthetic design challenge. Adapted to the size of the pool, whatever the shape, whether it’s free-form or geometrical (rectangular, circular, etc.), indoor or outdoor… there’s an Aqualift movable pool floor that’s right for every project.

There are many options available for customising your pool. Choose from a wide range of facing materials and colours, disappearing steps, access ladders, LED projectors, a system that creates a current you can swim against, etc.

Which range to choose?

Aqualift offers different ranges of movable floor pools, for private individuals and professional use. Our aim is to meet the needs of all, for even the most ambitious projects. This is made possible thanks to the industrial expertise of the Aqualift group and its engineering teams. As the world leader in movable pool floors, Aqualift offers you a complete team of qualified professionals who help you define exactly what you want and draw up your project specifications. The movable floor will then be designed and manufactured in the factory, and pre-assembled for easy installation.

It is always difficult to make a choice: small pool, large garden? Large terrace, small pool? With Aqualift, you don’t have to choose, you can maximise the space by installing a movable pool floor!

Why choose a movable floor?

With over 20 years of experience in movable pool flooring, Aqualift guarantees the durability of your project. In fact, all of your movable pool floors are made using Dassault Systèmes and Solidworks, some of the most efficient 3D design software on the market.

This concept is unique: a platform level with the water moves vertically up and down from the bottom of the pool, just like a lift, to increase the size of the pool or hide it altogether. This system allows you to regain the space taken up by the pool and transform it into a living space (for example, a terrace, a playground for the kids, a reception room, etc.

See some Aqualift projects here!

Explore your future movable floor…

Movable floor


Specially designed for small pools and spas, the Minilift range can be adapted to pools of any shape.

Available in a wide choice of facing materials for you to design a space to match your tastes.


Movable floor


The Serenity range is the ideal choice if you are looking for a geometrically-shaped disappearing pool.

Designed for medium-sized pools, this is the range that enables you to take full advantage of your space, turning it into a pool or a terrace as you please.

Movable floor


Whatever the shape, whatever the size.

The Liberty range has the movable floor to match your project requirements and make your space a true architectural feature.




The range of movable pool floors designed for rehabilitation therapy at hospital centres.

The Therapy floor includes a lift system, handrails and walking lanes for safe physiotherapy sessions.



Scubalift is a range designed specifically for diving training.

Since it can be lowered to greater depths, it is suitable for training people of all levels.

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