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Aqualift is now recognised as the world leader in movable pool floors. We have a team of qualified professionals to see your project through from start to finish. Our design team is made up of reputed engineers and an architect.

We help our customers to define exactly what they want and draw up the specifications for their disappearing pool floor.

More than that, the customer is central to everything we do. We discuss every detail to build pools that reflect exactly what each customer wants. We provide unique, personalised support, from the initial concept, the design and construction, and right through to after-sales.


Aqualift’s movable pool floor technology makes dreams come true: a pool that vanishes in less than a minute, to leave a terrace in its place, and that is simple and easy to clean – it’s the invention everyone has been waiting for.

Peace of mind

There’s no more need to worry, the pool safety system is reliable and accident-proof. Being able to adjust the depth of your pool means that you can lounge in the sun while your little ones play in the paddling pool.

Extra space

When the pool is totally closed, it is completely hidden from sight.
That frees up the space for you to use as a play area for the kids, a terrace or even a reception hall in the case of an indoor pool. With a movable pool floor, you don’t have to scrimp on the size of pool you want, and in fact you make the best possible use of the space available.

Ease of use

This new technology might sound complicated, but the way an Aqualift pool works and the ways to keep it clean couldn’t be easier to understand. When you want to turn your pool into a terrace, the transformation is more or less instantaneous: just push a button and in less than a minute your pool will be totally invisible.

Savings on all fronts

All the drawbacks of having a conventional pool are non-existent, thanks to this little wonder of modern technology. When the platform is raised to the top, there is practically no heat loss or water evaporation. With a movable pool floor you save money on heating. The water in the pool also stays cleaner, so you don’t need to treat it so often.

In the case of an indoor pool, humidity in the room is reduced depending on the surface material chosen.
Thanks to the movable floor, you don’t need to buy a pool cover or an alarm system. The materials used are hard-wearing, prolonging the life of your pool.


We design and manufacture the entire structure for the movable pool floor at our site in the Paris region. Covering a surface area of 1,500 m2, the site includes the production plant and various spaces for storage, manufacturing and pre-assembly of the floors.

The technology is underpinned by state-of-the art equipment (machining unit, water-jet cutting unit, lathe-work unit equipped with latest-generation digital control systems, etc.) and the choice of high quality materials.

Our design office

Our design office and our experts oversee the production of the structure for your future movable floor from start to finish. To ensure quality, the team (of 2 to 4 people) that makes and installs your movable floor will stay the same up to completion of the project.
Our design team uses the latest-generation Solid Work software. Before being installed at the site, the floor is pre-assembled and then dismantled to check that everything is working perfectly.

Assembling and installing the movable floor

Once the floor is finished and has been checked, our teams of specialists come to install it at your site. Our highly-specialised technicians, who are well-versed in international standards and worksites, then construct and assemble your movable pool floor.
The combination of this industrial know-how and our 20 years of experience in movable pool floors is your guarantee of unmatched reliability and durability. Our teams work on projects in France and worldwide.


The system is so simple to use and so responsive that it takes less than a minute to open or close the pool.

The Aqualift movable pool floor works by means of cables attached beneath the pool edge. The floor structure is between 15 and 30 cm high, depending on the model, and moves up and down thanks to an oil- or water-hydraulic system. Simply press a button to raise, stop or lower the movable floor as and when you want.


  • Compliance

  • Aqualift technology complies with the AFNOR standard to:

    • Ensure the highest levels of safety
    • Complies with the law relative to Pool safety
    • AFNOR NF P90-308 standard Section on pool covers

  • Quality

  • No one but the Aqualift teams is authorised to install the system.

    • Detailed specifications guarantee quality
    • Rigorously-selected materials used in production
    • Manual locking, prevents any risk of the floor lowering by accident
    • Access secured by key
    • Bathing is impossible when the pool is fully closed

  • Load bearing capacity

  • From 50kg to 500kg per sqm depending on the movable floor chosen and how it will be used.

    • Adapted as required
    • Load bearing capacity can be adapted as required
    • For example: for a pool measuring 8 x 4 metres, the movable floor can support a load of 1.6 metric tons.

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