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Thanks to their reliable and hard-wearing system, Aqualift movable floor pools require only very minimal upkeep. The surface materials used to finish the platform (wood, stone, tiles, plastic) and the stainless steel struts that form the floor structure are specially selected by Aqualift for their resistance to wear over time. Our movable floors are EC-certified.

All Aqualift movable floors are fully guaranteed for three years.

If you take out a maintenance contract, this guarantee is extended to a lifetime warranty for as long as the movable floor maintenance contract is valid. Aqualift is committed to providing constant and punctual follow-up for your movable floor from the first day of work at the site and for an unlimited period. A mobile team of three people and a manager manages cleaning and maintenance for our movable floors.

Every movable pool floor has an access hatch allowing a technician to get beneath the floor to carry out maintenance. It is also used to position the cleaning robot. Our design team can advise on the most suitable automated cleaning system for the movable floor platform and for your pool.

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