A movable floor pool affording magical views across the Mediterranean Sea

This build proves once again that Aqualift will take your movable floor pool project to another level.
Affording breathtaking views for the bather, this extraordinary pool has been built on a terrace nestling in the hills in southern France.
Working with the architects as the house was being built, Aqualift custom-tailored the design of this movable pool to meet the extremely complex specifications.
When the movable floor for this 10 x 4.5 metre pool is raised to the surface, the pool disappears to make way for the terrace, thus optimising the use of space.
To make getting into the pool as effortless as possible, steps spanning the entire width of the pool were also integrated.
The tiling is totally in keeping with the luxury styling of the house.

The Liberty range of custom-designed movable floors for complex architectural projects

Of all our movable floor pool ranges, the Liberty custom-tailored range is the one that enables you to make the most ambitious project a success.
When you choose to install a Liberty pool with a movable floor, there are no limits to what you can achieve. Let your imagination run wild and create the pool of your dreams. No shape is too complex, no material too luxurious. We can customise your pool steps and offer an array of options, including an in-pool bar and stools, to transform your pool into a spa pool.
Tell the highly-professional Aqualift teams what you want, and together we will design a pool that reflects your style.
Backed by over 20 years’ experience, the Aqualift system has proven its worth through some of the most complex and creative projects in the world.