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Small pools, big ideas! Have you always dreamed of having a pool in your garden or in your house, but space is limited?

Thanks to Aqualift, you can make the best use of the space you have. Our new technology can make your pool disappear in less than a minute.
Minilift can be used in pools of any geometric shape (square, rectangular, oval) and you can use the ultimate designer materials: wood, tiles, composite, stone, PVC, etc.


Aqualift’s Minilift range is designed for pools measuring 20 square metres or smaller. When space is limited, it isn’t easy to imagine how you can fit a pool in: you don’t want to lose your veranda because you love to eat outdoors on warm summer evenings, plus you want to keep your garden and all its pretty plants… Now, with our disappearing pool technology, you don’t have to choose one or the other.
With a movable pool floor, it takes less than a minute to transform your space. That means you can let the kids play in the pool and then make the pool disappear so that you can sit down to supper in the very same spot.


A movable pool floor is a platform installed at the bottom of the pool which can be raised or lowered as and when you please. Simply press a button to position it at different levels, depending on how deep you want it.
With the platform fully raised, the pool disappears as if by magic.
Designed for pools measuring 20 m2 or less, Minilift can be used in pools of any shape. A Minilift movable floor is a wonder of modern technology. The fact that you can enjoy your pool or hide it away means that you can make the most of every inch of space.

Technical specifications


Swimming pools and spas
Up to 20 m2


Unlimited choice of shape


All options available


All options available

Surface finishes

All surface finishes are available (wood, composite, tiles, PVC, stone, etc.)


All options available (steps, seats, bar stools, etc.)

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Our achievements…

Aqualift : Intima

Intima: minimum space, maximum pleasure

This is making great use of space taken to the extreme. This movable floor, which is located just in front of the lounge on a welcoming terrace and decorated with a fountain, brings life to the space….

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